Mosquito Nets

  1. Mosquito Nets
    Mosquito Nets
    Queen Dimensions: 210 x 160 x 235 cm. Price: Kes 6,500 exc. VAT King Dimensions: 210 x 240 x 235 cm. Price: Kes 11,000 exc. VAT

All rectangular nets have two overlapping openings on the sides of the bed. The Single net has one overlapping opening only. The mosquito net is equipped with circular rings on top of the net, meaning that you can use strings from the ceiling to fasten the Mosquito Net. If the bed is against the wall, you can often fix the net on the wall with a hook. 
All rectangular nets have a 15-cm wide sheeting border along the top-side as well as the bottom part to give the net body and allow it to hang evenly.

Queen:  L 210 x W 160 x H 235cm
King:  L 210 x W 240 x H 235cm

Queen: Kes 6,500 exc. VAT

King : Kes 8,500exc. VAT
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*Please note prices will change depending on choice of material

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